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The year is 2015 & individuals have been blessed by the cosmos, granted power by the twelve constellations of the Zodiac but before they can be entrusted with their powers in the outside world they must first learn how to control and utilize their powers.

    Spica Tsukino, Vice-President of the Student Council

    Spica Tsukino
    Spica Tsukino
    Vice President
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    Spica Tsukino, Vice-President of the Student Council  Empty Spica Tsukino, Vice-President of the Student Council

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    Character ID

    September 9


    Spica Tsukino

    15 (turning 16)

    Hair color
    Medium Brown (Copper in the sunlight)

    Eye color
    Copper red



    General Appearance
    Spica Tsukino, Vice-President of the Student Council  Starryref19

    Student ID Number

    Student Year
    Junior, 3rd Year – Vice President of the Student Council

    Personal Information

    Referred to as “Wife” and/or “Wifey” by the members of the Student Council due to his effeminate appearance and role as Vice-President. Something he’s not too fond of but doesn’t have the courage to speak up about.

    He's also been called the "Shining Star of the Virgo Constellation" or "Virgo's Shining Star" by those comfortable enough to joke with him or who look up to him, given that his name is Spica, which is the brightest star in the Virgo constellation also because he's a very talented student of the Academy. He may even call himself this if he's mustered enough courage to do so.

    Spica can be described as analytical, fault-finding but lacking in confidence. For the most part, he comes off as shrewd to hide the gentle and insecure soul beneath. When he found purpose in the Student Council all he ever did was work and work hard. He felt as though the Student Council would serve to tap into his underlying talents without being judged by them. So long as he was getting the work done and he did it correctly, they couldn’t judge him poorly. That was his mindset initially. He wanted to feel as though he belonged to something or with someone and that ended up being the Student Council. Overtime however, his classmates grew on him and he began to really like them feeling more comfortable being himself. He did unveil a bossy side of himself but normally it’s needed within the Student Council to keep everything running smoothly. That said, he’s fairly pragmatic.

    Academically, Spica is a gifted student with a knack for the stars. If anything his relationship to the Student Council and leadership over the Student Body as Vice President of the Council has given him a source of motivation and confidence in his own strength. One of Spica’s more noteworthy qualities is his elegant mannerisms and fluid speech. When a threat arises, Spica doesn’t hesitate to protect what it is that’s important to him. Afterall, he benefits from it and it’s made him a stronger person. During the course of a battle a colder and more remorseless side of him has the potential to show and it’s visibly dark at times almost as though he enjoys a good fight. He isn’t all that aware of this aspect of his personality, but at times it does frighten him because when it is outwardly expressed he doesn’t feel emotion.

    Spica Tsukino enjoys reading and writing so long as what he’s reading can be applied to the real world. He also likes progress, more specifically, locomotion, when everything’s still performing either in body or mind. In that kind of environment he’s able to accomplish a whole lot more than in an environment where no one is doing their part in the greater system of things. Beyond that he enjoys fencing, kendo, mixed martial arts (exercise in general) and sweet foods, which he eats in moderation.

    Spica Tsukino can’t stand when there’s a system out of order, morosely when it’s a noticeable deficiency. He feels the need to rework or revise it and that’s when things can get heated between him and the subject of said revision. He can’t stand laziness in others, to him; it’s the pinnacle of inaction. One could be doing something, productive or no, but choose instead to do nothing for a couple of extra hours of rest. Sloth is his arch-nemesis and it’s how he refers to those who are being lazy.

    Spica’s chief motivation is a need for self-improvement. He believes that there’s always more he could be doing to generally improve on a situation or himself, usually the latter. He strives for perfection and does his best to pursue it. This is why he cleans, cleans and cleans. One of his mottos is, “I aim to please.” And he does – all the time, in everything. A small task to him is a reflection of how imperfect he is to the point where he –must- get everything done or none of it will matter for him. Though a motivation it can also be a hindrance and annoyance to those who work alongside him.

    Imperfection. How impure and selfish Spica may be. Nothing is ever good enough for him and his greatest obstacle will be to accept that nobody is perfect – which he most definitely isn’t ready to admit. Should anyone ever mention imperfection he closes them and/or distracts himself with a tedious task. He basically avoids that simple truth. He fears that if it were proven true then –nothing- he ever does or accomplishes will –ever- matter to him or the world he lives in.

    Zodiac Information

    Libra/Air Manipulation

    List of Ascendant Techniques

    Sign: Libra
    Astral Power: Air Manipulation “Aerokinesis”
    Name: Aerokinetic Combat II
    Class: Advanced
    Type: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
    Range: Self; capable of generating small tornadoes/razor winds by 10m range.
    Duration: 6 posts
    Cooldown: 9 posts
    Description: Physical combat generally becomes its own Air-infused martial art with a couple of benefits to go along with it. While this mode is active, the user’s punches and kicks generate winds that not only add impact damage but also leave 2in. cuts on the person’s flesh whenever they get in contact with the air surrounding the user. Punches and kicks don’t need to be at close-range and are capable of launching minor air missiles and razor winds that cut 2in. deep. Also in this mode, the user can jump up to 6ft high and glide should it become necessary. It costs -2 Cosmo every post for up to 6 posts to sustain it.

    Sign: Libra
    Astral Power: Air Manipulation “Aerokinesis”
    Name: Wind Exoskeleton II
    Class: Advanced
    Type: Defensive, Offensive
    Range: Self; can generate air constructs that extend up to 2m.
    Duration: 4 posts
    Cooldown: 7 posts
    Description: The user forms armor around their body from air for protection and a physical boost. With training, the user could shape the armor into new forms for weapons, transportation, even constructs of the element. The user is able to shape the Wind Exoskeleton to a maximum of 4 shapes that extend no more than 2m in length. The user is twice as vulnerable to Fire Manipulation/Pyrokinesis while in this state and will take x2 damage from a Fire Ability; otherwise it reduced damage dealt from Basic Abilities by 50% and Advanced Abilities by 25%. It costs -2 Cosmo every post for up to 4 posts to sustain it.

    Sign: Libra
    Astral Power: Air Manipulation “Aerokinesis”
    Name: Aeroportation
    Class: Basic
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: anywhere within a 10m radius (indoors); anywhere within a 30m radius (outdoors); anywhere within a 90m radius (if there are strong winds).
    Duration: 1 post
    Cooldown: 3 posts
    Description: The user can use air currents to teleport to one place to another. The stronger the wind is, the farther the user will go with this.

    Sign: Libra
    Astral Power: Air Manipulation “Aerokinesis”
    Name: Aerobolt I
    Class: Basic
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: 2m
    Duration: 1 post
    Cooldown: 3 posts
    Description: The user projects a maximum of three bolts of air from the tips of three of their fingers. Should the bolts hit it will stunt whatever part of the target’s body they hit by 25% in order to slow their movement and create an opening for an attack. The arms are typical targets.

    Sign: Libra
    Astral Power: Air Manipulation “Aerokinesis”
    Name: Aerobreath I
    Class: Basic
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: 3m
    Duration: 1 post
    Cooldown: 3 posts
    Description: The user is able to manipulate the air in their lungs in a way that allows them to shape the exhaling of air. At Level I it releases a breeze that reduces the momentum of oncoming projectiles by 25%, however, the power of the breeze isn’t enough to knock back opponents, unless their height is twice the user’s or shorter or build isn’t what it could be.

    Sign: Libra
    Astral Power: Air Manipulation “Aerokinesis”
    Name: Aerosphere I
    Class: Basic
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Close-range, but can be launched from 3m away.
    Duration: 1 post
    Cooldown: 3 posts
    Description: The user molds his/her Cosmo into a condensed ball of air molecules which can either be launched at the target like a missile or form a ball around the user’s fist, which upon impact doubles the damage dealt to the opponent. The added force from the Aerosphere is capable of knocking targets back giving the user an edge over their opponent.

    Sign: Libra
    Astral Power: Air Manipulation “Aerokinesis”
    Name: Aerowall I
    Class: Basic
    Type: Defensive
    Range: No more than 3m in front of the user.
    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts
    Description: The user creates a transparent wall of air which is capable of defending against Basic-level Abilities. The user is only able to create a wall in front of them; it doesn’t move along with them, it remains stationary; with every Basic-level Ability that hits it, the duration is decreased by 1.


    List of Moon Techniques



    List of Sun Techniques


    Mars (Passive)
    Gemini/+25% Reflexes

    Relationships Information


    Pietro Tsukino: Spica’s father. He was never very content or impressed with his son; only ever seeing what he lacked. This impaired Spica’s self-esteem and has lingered for years since. Because of this, his view of father figures has been skewed and he finds grown men to be generally intimidating.
    Patrice Tsukino: Spica’s mother. She never played a huge role in his life and therefore his development, since Pietro and Patrice divorced when Spica was just a child. When he did meet with his mother, he always felt more strongly linked to her and she always commented on how beautiful and proud she was of him. It’s because of this, that Spica feels more relaxed around women.

    No one of particular note.

    No one of particular note.

    No one of particular note.

    Biography & RP-sample



    The Tsukino family had always been a well-established family based in the east and with ties to the west. The Tsukino family never married into other families but instead, absorbed families that wanted to marry into and share in its wealth and power. All the boys of the Tsukino family were gifted athletes, except their one black sheep, Spica Tsukino, named after the Virgo constellation by his mother, Patrice Tsukino. Instead of getting involved with competitive sports, Spica was always more interested in horticulture or cooking. Instead of bringing home medals he brought home ribbons of attainment in varying floral competitions and cook-offs. Of course, his father was never satisfied with this and nothing was ever enough for him.

    It got even worse when his mother became too emotionally unstable and wasn’t given the care that she needed. So, she ended up breaking it off with her husband, Pietro and moving elsewhere. It was always hard for her to reach her son, Spica, but he was always in her prayers wherever she went. Despite the recent divorce, Spica endured his father’s discontent. He tried sports, he really did, but he never clicked with them, only the ones that were more exclusive had he appreciated, but his father wanted him to play the sports his brothers always played – to further the legacy instead of letting it die down. For the next couple of years he pretended to be someone he wasn’t just so he could undergo their torment and perhaps match his father’s prospects – which he ultimately found out was impossible.

    Freshman Year

    The first time Spica received a letter from someone known only as the Headmaster, he gave it a lot of thought. He began packing without his father knowing and started to reveal a more disobedient, independently-inclined attitude that his father had never seen in him before. After doing a little more investigating, his father discovered that Spica was preparing to leave their household for an institute of higher learning called Astral Academy. Spica was determined to leave and he wouldn’t allow his father to push him around anymore. For once, he stood up for himself and when the two contended, it turned into a fist fight. This was the first time that Spica unbridled that unseen power within that the letter mentioned. He managed to knock his father down to the ground and this terrified his father; he’d never seen his son like this. Spica could leave under one condition: he never return to the home he was born and raised in. Thus, Spica went out on his own and enlisted in Astral Academy.

    For the majority of his 1st Year, Spica kept to himself and was incredibly reserved. The fact that he had a comfort zone he unconditionally would not cross was clear and he would seldom, if ever, mingle and open up to his colleagues and professors alike. He always felt as though his time spent at the Academy was lacking in something, whether it be friends or more throughput so he resolved to run for Secretary of the Student Council. At the time, no one wanted the position, so it was his for the taking and he didn’t have to do much for it. Despite that, he became one of the Council’s toughest workers and bit by bit he was opening up to them, ever so slightly.

    Sophomore Year

    Spica never returned home before the start of his Sophomore Year. He lived on the school grounds over the course of his vacation. However, he never wasted his time and used the advantage of living nearest to the school to its fullest by training, studying and disseminating himself with the region. He also used this time to get conversant with those who worked in the Main Office and even some of the Mentors. When school began again, it returned naturally.

    By this point in time he was getting more and more contented with his surroundings and the people he worked with. He had ambitions and knew how to go about attaining his goals. This year, he wasn’t gratified with being Secretary (though he did remarkably well at it) and joined the political race to earn the office of Treasurer. His challenger was Kenji Marumasa, who was a Third Year. Kenji had more popular support from the Student Body, but Spica was situated strategically since he had better and supplementary funding from Mentors and the Faculty. The ballots were way too close and the only way it could be determined was via Astral Combat. The two went head-on against one another at the Courtyard and ultimately it was Spica’s dexterity and meticulousness that won him victory. When Kenji was at his brink, a part of Spica wanted to see him writhe in agony but he was able to overturn that side of himself and it ended peaceably. Since then however, it’s always been another albeit more noteworthy burden on his plate and is the foremost reason he tries to avoid fighting to this day, even though he’s tempted every now and again.

    It was no surprise to the Student Council with how well Spica was going to do as Treasurer. He executed his duties well and paralleled the Council’s own funding on the Administration of Astral Academy, since he worked with faculty often over the summer. With Spica at the helm, the Student Council never misused a single penny while maximizing available resources. The duration of his sophomore year was pleasant and this reflected in everything he did for that year; even earning him a reputation. To some of his peers and seniors he was referred to as the “Shining Star of Virgo”, the first to hold such a title. He took great pride in this, but never lost sight of his appealing modesty.

    Junior Year (Current)

    As a Junior, Spica emulated a very self-assured and masterful demeanor as if there was nothing he couldn’t face. He was also strikingly pleasing, on the surface, that is, and everyone was starting to notice it. This was because by this point in time he had grasped the utilization of varying “masks” and could be whatever you wanted him to be. This wasn’t because he delighted in deceiving those who care about him or vice-versa but because he only ever delights those he works with and operates around. Instead of having to contest for his place in the Student Council this year, Spica was instead nominated by the President of the Student Council as his Vice-President. The President’s verdict was unobstructed because Spica demonstrated time and time again that he would only ever give his best and with maximum efficiency. Since then Spica has taken his role in the Student Council more seriously than ever before and he believes that the repute and workings of the Student Council correspond with his own.


    The sun beamed down in between the blinds. It was bright out, despite how early it was, but Spica expected nothing less from the imminent summer weather. He rose from his spot beneath the covers stretching and opening his mouth widely, allowing a yawn. His lengthy brown hair was secured in a pigtail; he couldn’t stand the heat. Unfortunately for him he perspires overnight. He sighed. “I can jot the laundry down on today’s agenda. It’s a pity; I don’t ordinarily do the laundry on Fridays.” Afterward, he stepped out of bed, sliding on his loosely worn flip-flops, which ventilated the pores of his feet. With an astute posture, he walked toward the kitchen table. His breakfast had already been laid out for him, somewhat of a ritual that he performed before slumber. Sweet, sweet Reese’s Puffs; first the milk was poured into the bowl and then the cereal. Never were the two in equal measure, Spica halved the latter. He wrapped his fingers around the grip of the spoon and began eating his breakfast. Since he woke up early, he had a good amount of time to savor every bite.

    Food became energy. Spica understood this simple process and that was the main reason he ate first and showered later (also because he could brush his teeth clean of any trace of food). His school uniform went on easily enough since he ironed it every night and polished its buttons. This was a new uniform fit for upperclassmen and was unlike the more fanciful or eccentric uniform that underclassmen wore. Allow for the children to enjoy their ornamental fabrics, that is what he could understand. Most of the students couldn’t care less about the conditioning of their uniform so long as it fit them every time they slipped it on. Looking good never felt so difficult to Spica but it came easy to his peers. How could they stand not trimming their clothes? He decided not to think too much on it, instead diverting his attention to a more rewarding query and labor. “…Let’s see what classes I have on Fridays for this semester.” The usual; …that was what he liked about Astral Academy, no matter the year or how many Mentors were swapped; they always remained true to their curriculum; an unswerving, methodical form of thought that worked.

    …Before walking out the door of his dormitory, which only he presently occupied, he turned his gaze toward the mirror and guaranteed that his clothes and hair alike were spick-and-span. He smiled; a wide berth on his face. It was believable enough. Thus, Spica went about his day and performed his duties diligently, with attention to every detail on how he executed them.

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