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Hello newcomer! Welcome to Astral Academy; a play-by-post role-play that's set in a school full of gifted students with the powers of the twelve signs of the zodiac at their disposal. If you're interested in joining register and check out our guidelines.

The year is 2015 & individuals have been blessed by the cosmos, granted power by the twelve constellations of the Zodiac but before they can be entrusted with their powers in the outside world they must first learn how to control and utilize their powers.

    Revine Natsuki

    Revy's Mini-Me
    Revy's Mini-Me

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    Revine Natsuki Empty Revine Natsuki

    Post by Revy's Mini-Me on Fri May 31, 2013 5:43 pm

    Character ID



    Revine Ayesha Natsuki


    Hair color

    Eye color
    Dark Grey



    General Appearance
    Revine Natsuki Aa-tanya-render2_zpsee8ab448

    Student ID Number

    Student Year

    Personal Information

    Her birth name is Ayesha, but she tells people Ayesha is her middle name and Revine as her first, because she wants to be similar to an individual named Revy.

    Revine is a chipper girl whose life is dedicated to a woman named Revy, an exact opposite of Revine's original self. She is quite talkative and curious. She has a hot temper for a short amount of time. Although, Revine hardly makes her own choices, instead, she asks herself, "What would Revy do?". Besides trying to be heart of stone Revy, Revine is soft spoken and compassionate towards people good people.

    Revy, Guns, Salt, Revy, Clouds, Cool air, Stars, Space, Magic, Burrito Bowls, Chipotle, Food, Sleeping, Night, Japan, and Revy.

    Being wrong, The Sun, Society, Turkey Burgers, Fish, Pain, and Ignorance.

    Revy. She used to be a push-over before she started to mimic Revy.

    Rejection, loosing her sense of direction.

    Zodiac Information


    List of Ascendant Techniques
    [center]Sign: Leo
    Astral Power: Illusions
    Name: Paranoia
    Class: Basic
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: 3 feet
    Duration: Two
    Cooldown: Five Posts
    Description: It sets the victim in a trance of one of man of their fears for a set amount of time, the goal is to make the victim go crazy and lower their guard or to buy the caster some time for another attack.


    List of Moon Techniques


    List of Sun Techniques

    Mars (Passive)
    Mars in Leo.

    Relationships Information

    Revine has a mother named Totori and a father named Rufus. Revine is not on very good terms with her parents due to their actions.

    Revine keeps to herself, so she has no friends.

    No one in particular, but almost anyone who dislikes her, or Revy.

    Revine has an enemy named Rorona, whom is the same age as her. Growing up together, Rorona always outshined Revine purposely at everything. Revine has not seen her for years, but since Revine has started mimicking Revy's personality, she has sworn Rorona will be the first person she kills.

    Biography & RP-sample

    Revine grew up in a high class neighborhood with her parents Totori and Rufus. One day, when Revine was six, she was kidnapped as ransom because apparently her parents were high time drug pushers. Her kidnapper was named Revy, a gun-slinging smoker who worked for a "delivering" company. Revine's parents made no effort to save Revine, and out of sympathy, Revy took Revine under her wing and old her, "It's a cold world out here. You're the only person you can look out for". Revy has been training Revine for nine years from shooting, stabbing, and one-hit kills. After her training was complete, Revy sent her off to an Astral Academy, claiming that they will meet again.

    The warm summer breeze ran through Revine's wild and curly hair as she walked down the street eating a burrito bowl. "Finally, they didn't put corn in this. Chipotle finally did something right!" Revine ate another spoonful as she sat down on a bench by a lake. "The moon looks great tonight." she mumbled to herself. She heard a rustle in the bushes but she didn't budge. "Hey there little girl..." said a deep voice. She felt someone's presence approching, so she gently sat down her finished burrito bowl, grabbed her knife and asked herself, "What would Revy do?"

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    Post by Spica Tsukino on Fri May 31, 2013 5:56 pm

    Before I can approve of this application there are a few things you'll need to revise/add.

    1. On your application it says your character was born August 2nd, which would mean her Sun sign would be Leo, not Libra. If your character is a Libra (Sun) she needs to have been born in between September 24 - October 23.
    2. Personality needs to be a minimum of five sentences. Yours is four.
    3. You cannot start with any techniques for your Moon or Sun sign, simply put n/a under Techniques for your Moon and Sun.
    4. You can only make techniques for your Ascendant sign at the start, and you need to follow the Ability Creation template. Here is the link: Freshman can start with a maximum of three Basic-level Abilities.

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    Spica Tsukino
    Spica Tsukino
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    Vice President

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    Post by Spica Tsukino on Fri May 31, 2013 6:26 pm

    Welcome to Astral Academy...

    Revine Natsuki Tumblr_lz8hsaHNxg1r2y0bko1_250


    Revine Natsuki Tumblr_m2zuqaXSRk1qktlzuo1_500

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