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The year is 2015 & individuals have been blessed by the cosmos, granted power by the twelve constellations of the Zodiac but before they can be entrusted with their powers in the outside world they must first learn how to control and utilize their powers.

    Passive Abilities: Mars Sign

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    Passive Abilities: Mars Sign Empty Passive Abilities: Mars Sign

    Post by Spica Tsukino on Thu May 30, 2013 3:23 pm

    Power of the Mars Sign

    Mars lights a fire under an Astral Warrior's passions, and then propels him/her like an ignited rocket toward his/her goals. It's this strong vital energy that Students and Faculty of Astral Academy can tap into in the heat of battle. Below are the Passive Perks of each:

    Mars in Aries: Seeks great feats, and rushes toward them in an impulsive, bold way. +25% Physical Damage buff, meaning the Physical Attacks used by a Mars in Aries will pack an extra punch.

    Mars in Taurus: Mars mellows and deepens in Taurus, often preferring to go with the flow and root in one fertile spot. +25% Physical Damage Resistance buff, meaning the Physical Attacks used against a Mars in Taurus won't deal as much damage as they normally would've without this buff.

    Mars in Gemini: Can easily shift gears, if a new idea catches this Mars' fancy. +25% Reflex buff, meaning that the Gemini in Mars can react that much faster to oncoming attacks.

    Mars in Cancer: Is stirred to action via the emotions. Should a comrade be in danger the Mars in Cancer gets a +25% Ability damage buff for the next four posts, meaning that his/her Abilities pack an extra punch.

    Mars in Leo: Acts with confidence, with warmth, power and playful humor. In the heat of combat, opponents will be somewhat distracted by the "light" this Mars in Leo projects around him/herself, meaning he/she won't be performing at their best.

    Mars in Virgo: Has a strong need to discover the problem and fix it. The Mars in Virgo has a keen eye for detail and won't overlook small openings or weaknesses that may or may not present themselves openly, but can be exploited.

    Mars in Libra: When taking action, this Mars is able to walk a diplomatic line, and harmonize the players involved. In the midst of battle the Libra in Mars's presence alone is able to heal his comrades minor injuries and return 20 Cosmo to them. This can only be done once but for each ally in the thread.

    Mars in Scorpio: When channeled creatively, there's great discipline, creativity and ability to persevere. Should a comrade be in danger the Mars in Scorpio gets a +25% Ability resistance buff for the next four posts, meaning that the enemies abilities won't deal as much damage.

    Mars in Sagittarius: High vitality and the hunger to freely roam many landscapes of culture and ideas. From simply observing the Mars in Sagittarius's foe in a battle, he/she gets a better idea of what kind of personality their opponent(s) have.

    Mars in Capricorn: Puts off formidable energy, of one not to be trifled with. +10% Physical damage buff and Physical resistance buff in a battle, meaning that there's a slight increase in both Mars in Capricorn's physical attacks and resistances. Also those who are up against a Mars in Capricorn can't help but feel fairly intimidated by him/her.

    Mars in Aquarius: Acts in unexpected ways, and comes up with crazy solutions that end up working. The Mars in Aquarius's Cosmo is always in flux and because of this they get a 25% Ability damage buff, but a %50 chance that his/her Abilities will also backfire on him/her in one way or another, dealing half of the damage those Abilities deal to himself.

    Mars in Pisces: Dwells inside a swirl of images, dreams, emotions....and action emerges from those inner cues. The Mars in Pisces is so strongly attuned to the Cosmos that he/she can willingly sacrifice 20 of his/her own Cosmo to reduce an opponent's Cosmo by 20. This can only be used once per target in a thread.

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