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Hello newcomer! Welcome to Astral Academy; a play-by-post role-play that's set in a school full of gifted students with the powers of the twelve signs of the zodiac at their disposal. If you're interested in joining register and check out our guidelines.

The year is 2015 & individuals have been blessed by the cosmos, granted power by the twelve constellations of the Zodiac but before they can be entrusted with their powers in the outside world they must first learn how to control and utilize their powers.

    Enter Champions of the Zodiac!

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    Enter Champions of the Zodiac! Empty Enter Champions of the Zodiac!

    Post by Spica Tsukino on Wed May 29, 2013 2:57 pm

    You've been invited to attend Astral Academy!

    The Cosmos... An interweaving web of life. Though it stretches far and wide in the universe, it has left so many untouched by its sway. There are those whose body, whose mind -- whose very genetic make-up are empowered by the stars and they're the closest to becoming 'one' with its ebb and flow. Without proper guidance however, the stars that are there to guide these Astrological beings will end up being bent and twisted by those with the power - with the life-force to do it. It is not an uncommon tale when a Hero of the Stars descends and instead works against them with no need of the higher conscience they offer him.

    Alas... That is what we're trying to avoid. That flame at the tip of your finger, that moment when you grew a tail, that time when you shot nothing but bullseye. There's a reason for it all and there are many others out there who are just like you. You are at the age where these strange occurrences effect you everywhere, but I'm giving you a chance to hone that these latent abilities you posses and teach you apply them to your future goals (whatever they may be) before you are old enough to venture out in this world and pave your own path.

    Come join me and others like you at Astral Academy. Your education; room and board, they are all free. It may sound too good to be true, but look upon it as a demonstration of how valued you are and how fortunate you must be to receive such an offer.

    Reply to this message if and when you are ready in order to receive more information, once you've made your decision, transportation will be provided to you.

    P.S. - Don't forget to let your parents/guardians/caretakers know.

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