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Hello newcomer! Welcome to Astral Academy; a play-by-post role-play that's set in a school full of gifted students with the powers of the twelve signs of the zodiac at their disposal. If you're interested in joining register and check out our guidelines.

The year is 2015 & individuals have been blessed by the cosmos, granted power by the twelve constellations of the Zodiac but before they can be entrusted with their powers in the outside world they must first learn how to control and utilize their powers.

    Points System Guidelines

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    Points System Guidelines Empty Points System Guidelines

    Post by Spica Tsukino on Tue May 28, 2013 4:27 pm

    Hello members of Astral Academy! The Points System is a very important part of this role-play and factors in greatly to a player character's progression in the forum. As you post posts and topics of your own in-character you'll acquire a set amount of Points to be used in the Points System. Since each and everyone of you will be earning yourselves points, there are a couple of things that would make exchanging these points easier on the Staff:

    - Title your thread "[Character Name]'s Points Exchange". The stapled bit of that title should be your character name, the one you'll be exchanging points to improve on.
    - In the thread, all we ask of you is to post how many Points you are spending and for what reward exactly. From there, we'll subtract the amount of points required from your total points and you'll be given permission from a member of the Staff to proceed with whatever it is you put Points towards.

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